Monday, April 30, 2007


1. The mid-sized pot I have it too small to pop 3/4C of popcorn. But now I know why my parents never filled the pot up enough to make it overflow, now matter how much I begged. The popped corn catches on fire in the stove flame. Just a little.

2. How did I do all of this on Saturday???
  • Shopping and coffee in the morning
  • Pizza with feta and kalamata olives for lunch
  • To the Allegheny County Jail where everyone was exceptionally mean to me and nothing was accomplished except that I learned that you have to lock up ALL of your stuff in the “free” lockers in the vestibule, although nobody used the word vestibule, it was more like grunting when they talked
  • To The Natural 2007 Pittsburgh Bodybuilding & Figure Championships (Yay Tedd for 5th and 3rd place wins!) - in Murrysville
  • To Art All Night to see my aunt’s sculpture and lots of other art - in Lawrenceville
  • To my friend’s boyfriend’s birthday party - in the South Side
  • Whew.

3. My sleeping mode is changing. Typically, I hit the pillow and I'm out. Not so much lately. Was up well past three last night and expect similar tonight. I'm stocking up on chamomile in anticipation of getting a new job some day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rainy Thursday Afternoon

People keep taking me out to eat and drink. Thanks all of you, really, and keep it coming! When I get home and I think of all these things that I want to post here and then, then I think the better of it, plus my ability to type decreases exponentially with each sip of beer or whiskey or, well, that's all I've been drinking. I'm sure Kelly's and Ryan's are happy with my unemployment, they've seen a lot of me lately.

The only snippet of "brilliance" I've remembered is that I'm sure that if I had a previous live (which I'm pretty sure I didn't) I was a gay man.

Now, go find me a job people. Thanks.