Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For Valentine’s Day, I made these. Those red flecks are cranberries. And there’s melted Sarris dark chocolate. Yum.

I really can’t stop listening to the Hold Steady. And really, the latest album, “Boys and Girls in America” isn’t that good. So I’m listening to their older stuff and Lftr Pllr. The tickets for the March 19th show arrived just the other day. I really hope it isn’t a bit let-down like shows and etc. usually are.

Sadly, the working out yesterday at the downtown YMCA was only mediocre.

The instructor was energetic and very nice. She has the potential to be the kind of instructor who will help you during and after the work out, which I think is very important. Also, I had a lot of fun with my co-workers.

The instructor did a few things completely differently that I’ve ever learned them – she stepped straight onto the step instead of corner-to-corner. That doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but it changes which foot you use and getting the right-left thing correct is very important. She also did a fair amount of steps facing backwards. And, most importantly, she did a 25 minutes of step, then stopped to do 10 minutes each of abs and weights. No real warm up or cool down.
Collectively, not a very good work out.

Please, give me a nice 45 minute, heart-rate raising work out! Seriously, if anyone is reading this and knows where to go for a really good cardio work out, that does NOT involve kick-boxing, and is preferably step, please let me know.

I found this here today. Enjoy:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines greetings as only I would send.


Monday, February 12, 2007


Sometimes, I disappoint people. I’m disappointing Steve as I type. I haven’t written anything substantial to him in far too long. But sometimes, people who I think are my friends disappoint me in tremendous ways. Sigh.

Somehow, I just remembered about this commercial. It made me cry the first time I saw it, it made me cry when I told my mom about it, and it still makes me cry every time I watch it. (Hopefully it will embed here and you can cry too.)

Went to see my friend’s boyfriend’s band, PKP, at Club CafĂ© on Friday. The music wasn’t something I’d typically seek out, and I had never heard him sing before. The band was kind of a general 90’s rock band, but his voice was really great. I had fun, despite being mocked and accues of being cranky for standing, legs spread and arms crossed. But smiling. I was smiling, people!

Went to see Volver on Saturday and it was really great – twisty and turn-y with lots of fantastic and amazing female characters and just enough kitsch (could they maybe have the clothes on Raimunda match, even once?).

After, it was off to Mad Mex for special Valentine’s-season black cherry margaritas. I think I might get kicked out of LUPEC for drinking those (they haven’t found out about WhamBamPam’s Sparks and cranberry yet), so let’s just say I didn’t.

(Oh, yeah, Melissa Ching was fined $300 plus court costs and has to do 30 – I keep thinking days but that doesn’t make much sense, but it wasn’t hours – of community service.)