Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bad stuff from Sunday, good stuff from last night

So, we fought a war to establish a new government that would pass this piece of shit to allow US and British companies to literally take all the oil. Now we know that the war is indeed just for oil and why all of the excuses to get into it were so weak. As per usual, I am embarrassed by my government and my country.

In better news, dinner at Casbah last night was amazing. Lots of good wine and tasty cheese for happy hour and risotto with cauliflower (my fav!), maytag blue cheese and TRUFFLES. I’ve realized lately just how much I absolutely love truffles. They are up there with saffron and fresh basil. Of course M and I went to the Beehive for some coffee after, but we skipped Dee’s.

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shilshole said...

The Maytag blue is the only good thing about Missouri. It's from just up the road there.