Monday, January 8, 2007


Friday consisted of a lot of bitching about transit at Kelly’s over some drinks, some beer and most importantly some mac-n-cheese. There seems to be popular support for M’s analogy between our transit and an abused spouse. Maybe if I loose 10 more pounds he’ll love me. Maybe if I just get dinner on the table 5 minutes earlier, he'll understand how much I love him. Maybe if I just cut a few more bus lines, the rest of the state will love me. Maybe if I just leave a few more people without transportation, Harrisburg (and etc.) will see how much I care.

And, sadly, I missed the art.

Saturday I was luck
y enough to run into my friends, T & C while at brunch at Enrico’s. They invited me out to the Evergreen later, around 5:00. So I hung out with them drinking Yuengling for a few hours. The Evergreen is exactly how I want ALL bars to be. Most people seemed to know each other, at least peripherally, people joked and yelled across the bar, bought each other drinks, laughed at and with each other. I haven’t spent much time with T lately, as she had been working full time and attending school full time, so it was fantastic to hang out with her again. We were up to our old tricks and had her fiancé laughing almost all night.

Later it was off to Mad Mex with M for half price late night food where we got some rock-star seating treatment thanks to our favorite server, J-A.

Sunday morning (ahem, afternoon) brunch at the Gypsy Café was a little bit tearful, as I congratulated my friends on their engagement and personally accepted my role of best man. Sunday afternoon at CostCo was a meat-fest and was really disgusting. The entire back corner smelled like sausage and even the cheese section was full of meat samples. And what do you think they were demo-ing to drink? MILK!!! Groooossss. But I did get the cutest ever little Naked Juices.

This morning my boss took this pic of me. If you were parking at the Mon Wharf around 8:45, you should now be the proud owner of a nice pot-o-gold.

One year ago today I had a six-hour date . . .

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