Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I could be wrong.

So, there's this (male) boss. And in a meeting he announces that he'll be taking his (male) assistant to San Francisco in a few months. For, well, really, what seems like some completely useless reason. What would you think?


Kono said...

Yes i know i'm a pain in the ass, but if you care to bother there's a small blurb in Random Notes 5 about the Hold Steady in the Lounge, and you can read my Celine rip-off titled, Goodbye February, Goodbye Debbie Harry, or as i've stated tell me to shut the fuck up. to much coffee for a sunday morning.

Kono said...

Some footage of the great Hold Steady stage invasion has been posted on the lounge. You can see yourself dancing and singing, though the sounds a little off.