Monday, March 19, 2007

I need a weekend after my weekend. And The Hold Steady

My weekend looked like this:
6pm – Pick up M’s mom from the bus station, go to M’s and start cleaning and packing.
10:30pm – finally eat dinner at Mad Mex (Tofu “wings” and Kristy’s Big Sister’s Quesadilla with tofu, delish!) I love having restaurants where I go frequently enough to actually know the wait staff. Someday I’ll get to hang out with J-A. Hah, and Mad Mex claims that you’ll never get your server’s phone number!

7:30am – wake up and get A, M and M’s mom to U-Haul.
9:30am – meet I&L in the strip for coffee. Haven’t seen them in a long time. Made vague plans for dinner at their place – L makes the BEST tofu salad. I’ve tried to replicate it, with the exact same ingredients and everything, but it just doesn’t work the same. I think it’s kind of like not being able to replicate your mom’s recipes, just because she’s your mom.
11:00am – to M&A’s to teach them how to pack up a U-Haul. You two might be rocket scientists (or whatever), but you have no idea how to pack a truck!
2:00pm – late to K’s house to make baby shower favors. I called ahead, thinking that if enough others were there, I could continue to help move. Alas, nobody else showed up. I’m glad I went though, because we had a great time and they look really good – she really did a great job planning.
4:45pm – went to Dozen Cupcakes to place an order and had an absolutely hysterical time. I’ll tell you all about it after the cupcake event. Purchased 2 East End Chocolate Stouts and 2 cosmopolitans. Oh, the chocolate stout is SOOOOO good.
5:30pm – pick up mom to go to the roller derby bout. We had such a great time. We were both screaming and cheering and rooting on the Slumber Party Slashers. We each bought t-shirts too – I can’t wait till summer when it’s warm enough to wear mine! Sadly our team lost, but it was a really fast-paced and fun game – we were literally on the edge of our seats the entire time.
9:00pm – find an open K-Mart to buy some paper to print out the LUPEC hand-outs for tomorrow morning.
9:30pm – finish editing, print and fold the hand-outs.
11:00pm – take mom home.
11:30pm – finally eat dinner.

Up at 8:30 10:00am – at the QS for Irish Women’s History Brunch (look here for details:

2:30pm – back to M’s to help clean and move and etc.
3:30pm – take M’s mom to the bus station
4:30pm – argue with Bank of America over fraudulent charges, for the second time. More moving activities.

Now . . . now . . . I’m just biding my time . . . until The Hold Steady tonight. Doors open at the Rex at 7:30pm. I’ll be there. I can't fucking wait. Oh. I really hope that I'm not disappointed. They played live on WYEP at 1:30. It sounded pretty great. Every time I listen to them I can't concentrate on what I'm doing, they distract me. All the words, all the sounds, all the comedy & tragedy. All the words.

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