Friday, June 29, 2007

I Just Lied

I just received an email stating that my cousin is now state-side and on his way home - not sure for how long though.

In other news, there are more rumors of an Al Gore presidential run. Oh please, oh please, oh please.

Hydroplaning 101: It feels really weird and you know immediately. You can actually feel your car floating and it feels almost exactly like it does when you're on a raft and a wave takes you in the wrong direction. Except that you're frightened that there is going to be a big crash and your just-paid-off car will be smashed to bits either by another car hitting it or by it hitting the very high curb, instead of being terrified that you'll be swept out to sea and be eaten by a shark. The odd parts about it is that there was so little water on the road yesterday and I wasn't traveling very fast. Probably a bit too fast for the bend, but nothing too extreme.

And this is the pic I should have posted yesterday. Proof of the big win, if you will. Of course I did not have the presence of mind to take the picture. Thanks "SJ."

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Kono said...

Damn, there were no pink galoshes in my size but i did look like a cross between a garbage man and a M.D., with boots, surgical mask, latex gloves and all. thanks for keepin up with the Kono, and i'm glad someone finally took my advice and used the opportunity of unemployment to better themselves by having a good time and following a certain great band around. Cheers to you Whisky!