Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm gonna have to go with whoever's gonna get me the highest

On hold for the placement agency woman and therefore listening to “Smooth” by whatever that mid-90s band was and that Santana guy. I know that she doesn’t want to deal with me and my resume chock full of random experience and my salary requirements and the half hour that we’ll have to spend talking with each other. I have too much experience for anyone to take a chance on hiring me as an admin

Digression re: hiring an overqualified admin
1. I really will leave for a better offer, unfortunately, that is extremely unlikely. Note current job search.
2. I have too many skills to let them push me around like I’m 18 and scared with a GED and associates degree from secretarial school.
3. What company wants to “work” to keep admin/keep admin happy? We are expendable.
4. Nobody REALLY cares if we’re good or not. As a matter of fact, they really want us to be “skilled” (aka know our way around Microsoft Office and answer the damn phone) but stupid (no asking questions or noticing inequities).
5. An admin with a B.A. does not want to make your fucking coffee.

and not enough for anyone to take the chance of hiring me for something more. We both know that this is a waste of our time, but it’s our job to go through the motions.

On a lighter note, Armando is about a foot away from me and twitching as he dreams in the late afternoon sun.

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