Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holly's Inconsolable, Unhinged and Uncontrollable.

5. My unemployment compensation benefits will run out and I have been unable to get a job. Is there an extension of benefits?

There is currently no Pennsylvania or federal extension of UC benefits.


Kono said...

Check the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Pittsburgh branch website next week, there's a job open in the EZ Clear dept. I'll warn you now that the dept. Sucks (notice the capital S) but you can check it out online and see if it does the trick until something better comes along. It should be up the end of this week or beginning next, they post it inside the bank first and it's been up close week, after that they open it up to the public.

Kono said...

By the way, you're probably way over-qualified, but they like that, like me the post modern light bulb changer.