Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holly's Inconsolable, Unhinged and Uncontrollable, Part II.

There is a 98% chance that M is leaving in three weeks.

That would be on my birthday.


Kelly said...

ack! why? and have you checked at cmu at all for jobs?

Kono said...

Kelly's right, i'm always checking CMU, try too, they post all the guvment jobs in pittsburgh, the FRB is technically a private bank controlled by the treasury so no civil service test and once you're in you can switch jobs after 6 or 9 months, like i said the pay isn't great but the benefits are... and i'm glad to see you took advantage of the unemployment to the fullest, i definetely appreciated someone not worrying about getting a job right away or being bored, i got 2 extensions cuz it was right after 9/11, at times i think it was the most glorious time of my adult life, like a summer vacation that they paid you for and i'm sure you had some massive nights so cheers to you!!!